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Learn how to dress authentically and express yourself with confidence through style.

Hello! I'm Lola,

 Personal Image Consultant 

I am here to help you find

your own style

so that you can feel comfortable with the person

you want to be.

I firmly believe that

elegance and style

come when you know what looks good on you because you have connected with yourself and do not pretend to be who you are not.

Designer Sunglasses
"Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside."
Coco Chanel

Working with me you will learn to find what suits you beyond the trends while you gain the 


to express yourself naturally and authentically, projecting the best you to the world.


You will also learn how to invest your money wisely in those essentials you need and suit you best to build

your perfect wardrobe. 



The styling consultation experience I had with Lola was incredible. Never thought I would have enjoyed it so much!

Our session started with measurements, photos, questions and ended up being a journey to my childhood and consequently a free therapy. It brought me so many memories of the adult I aspired to be, so much self-awareness and self-discovery.

I like that she did not only teach me how to find what best suited my face and body shape, but she also took my personality into account to come up with the perfect expression of me.


Nowwhen I shop for clothes, I have a different approach based on what Lola made me discover about my bold personal style.

I must say that now I have fun mixing and matching my clothes to build the perfect outfit out of my wardrobe.

Thank you for the experience and for your knowledge sharing.

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