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Why Lola Planella? My Vision and Contribution through Brittany's Experience.

I want to start my first post with the testimonial Brittany wrote when she finished my Premium Program Unwrap Your Style as it perfectly describes what I want to achieve with the sessions I offer.

"As I entered a new phase in my life, I felt the need to update my image without forgetting about who I really am. Lola suggested an approach that just moved away from the superficiality that we sometimes give to clothing. She took me on a path of rediscovery of myself with a new way of looking at my body, hair, face and personality. I realised that sometimes we perceive ourselves unrealistically or from the perspective of old prejudices and from there we value, limit and show ourselves to others.

From an objective and respectful point of view, Lola accompanied me with care and delicacy towards a new vision of myself. By accepting that each body has unique and precious possibilities there are no limits in feeling as you wish through the way you dress yourself. You only need to dare and explore the personalised “magic tricks” she suggests.

Throughout the sessions, which by the way were very well-prepared, I became aware of aspects of myself I had never noticed before. Lola also surprised me with ideas that had never crossed my mind. I am now learning to play with the shapes, cuts, colours, textures and accessories to best flatter my body and thus achieve the desired effects.

I felt very well-accompanied by her attentive and close listening and I enjoyed her sincere remarks and professional advice. She opened up a whole world to me that enriches and integrates me inside and out.

Now, I take advantage of my new purchases to experiment, broaden my limits and consolidate new ideas and, regardless of the changes that my body may undergo, to find a way to continue to feel beautiful and attractive in line with the way I am.

I also like to know that in case I need further help I can always contact her.

A gift for life.

Thank you so much, Lola!!

In addition to what I have just said above, some other things came out that I really liked:

  1. Reflect on what we dress ourselves for: to show or hide ourselves, what we hide behind the way we dress, what fears, prejudices… This has deeply touched me and now I have it in mind.

  2. The difference between being told: how gorgeous the dress you are wearing is or how gorgeous you look in this dress.

  3. The concept of “magic tricks” and the use of lines, colours and shapes to "model" your image.

  4. The idea of trying on clothes and explore at different kinds of shops without fear by breaking my limits.

  5. See me wearing the outfits from the outside and, then, contrast with you.

  6. All the possibilities you have opened up to me, from types of clothes to hairstyles."

Contact me if you want to know more about my services. I would love to work with you.


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